Recycling leather? Now it’s possible. With Repelle.

Repelle is a Venetian start-up that has revolutionized fashion by using leather waste while fully respecting the environment. The founders, Evelino Leandro and Patrizia Fanton, have developed this international patent driven by the increase in waste in an era where companies are in search of the perfect product to deliver to the consumer.

Aiming to reduce the amount of leather buried and burned, Repelle is a material made entirely of leather used for the production of shoes, bags, and much more, where the scraps undergo a second processing cycle to be used in other commercial sectors.

The start-up is 100% green: CO2 emissions are reduced to zero due to the lack of hot water in the production process; the adhesives used are organic; there are no added agents (tannins, chrome, and aluminum fibers); no thinners or solvents are used for cleaning tools and machinery.

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