What is Re-pel.le?

Re-pel.le is not just a brand that distinguishes a material made entirely of recycled and reconditioned leather, but it is also a real patented industrial system, both innovative and revolutionary, aimed at recovering and reusing all the leather leftovers resulting from the production of bags, shoes, clothing, small leather goods, sofas and more, thus removing them from their traditional/common final destination, that is to be buried in landfills or burned in incinerators.


The manufacturing process to create Re-pel.le material is extraordinarily green for many reasons

No need for hot water, so the carbon footprint released in the atmosphere is equal to zero.

Organic glues coming from renewable sources are mainly used, therefore the uprooting of plants is prevented, and only the fruit is collected.

No other agents are added, such as tannins, chromium or aluminum fibers, thus preserving the original tanning of the material

No diluents or chemical solvents are used to clean the machinery.

The unused material destined for disposal receives a second cycle of processing and can be used in different sectors.

Re-pel.le is leather to all extents and purposes and the entire system is a solid example of circular economy and sustainability.

Use cases

Re-pel.le is a highly versatile material that can be used in a number of different areas

(bags, shoes, accessories)

Furniture and decoration
(furniture and miscellaneous objects)

(floors, roofing, insulation)

Semi-finished products
(under experimentation)

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