What is Re-pel.le?

Re-pel.le is a patented industrial system, innovative and revolutionary that utilizes the leather remnants produced by companies, thereby avoiding the traditional final disposal in landfills or incinerators.

The sustainable choice for companies eager to invest to maximize the utility of the patent, reduce environmental impact, and keep pace with the demands of the European Community.

A Green Process

The patent is based on an extremely green processing method for several reasons:

No need for hot water, so the carbon footprint released in the atmosphere is equal to zero.

Organic glues coming from renewable sources are mainly used, therefore the uprooting of plants is prevented, and only the fruit is collected.

No other agents are added, such as tannins, chromium or aluminum fibers, thus preserving the original tanning of the material

No diluents or chemical solvents are used to clean the machinery.

The unused material destined for disposal receives a second cycle of processing and can be used in different sectors.

Re-pel.le is leather to all extents and purposes and the entire system is a solid example of circular economy and sustainability.

Why Re-pel.le?

Re-pel.le is the solution if you are:

A Company

that wants to help reduce the environmental impact of its waste and be more responsible concerning certain stages of the supply chain or wants to keep up with the European Community's requirements for sustainable development.

An Investor

interested in purchasing the patent with ongoing support at all stages of the process.

The Murrine

Re-pel.le, thanks to its innovative patent, offers an ideal solution for companies eager to launch a unique product line. Some are enriched with the unique Murrine, jewels made with the mosaic technique created by fusing individual segments of decorative glass rods.

This feature makes Re- pel.le the ultimate choice for those seeking to differentiate themselves while maintaining a long- term collaboration with Murrine to create authentic products. Interested companies can manage the line creatively and collaborate with Re-pel.le to define specific stages of involvement.


Re-pel.le is a highly versatile material that can be used in different area

Fashion and fashion
(bags, shoes, accessories)

Furniture and decoration
(furniture and various objects)

(flooring, roofing, insulation)

(ongoing work)

Contact us for more info

Re-pel.le team will be happy to answer your queries: together we can discover what potential this innovation offers to your business.


Re-pel.le takes care of salvaging of leather waste produced by companies but not their collection and disposal.