About US

At New D.W. Srl, used leather is a canvas to tell our story of sustainability and ethics. In addition to shaping excellent products, we have created a patented system to give new life to the leather waste produced by companies, celebrating the environment with a responsible commitment that goes beyond the product itself.

The Story

After gaining various work experiences in similar companies, in 1999 Evelino Leandro founded the company NEW D.W. SRL, which operates in the leather goods sector, particularly in the high fashion segment, also offering commercial intermediary services.

Innovation and technology - without abandoning artisanal skills - are the cornerstones of the company: from design to materials research, from prototype creation to the cutting phase utilizing a state-of-the-art numerical control system; meticulous quality control guarantees excellent qualitative standards throughout the production cycle.

How the Idea Was Born

As an entrepreneur, Evelino soon realizes that, in the production chain, all leather remnants produce a quantity of material difficult to manage and, above all, with a negative environmental impact: he thus decides to employ his expertise in developing a method for its reuse.

Thus, ten years ago, the Re-pel.le project took shape, one of the various brands owned by NEW D.W. Srl. Thanks to Evelino's commitment and collaboration with his wife Patrizia, a patented system was born that offers every company the real possibility to recover waste material and transform it into new objects.

But if environmental ethics belong to everyone, who is the Re-pel.le project aimed at?

New D.W. Srl is available to create important synergies for the use by other companies of its innovative industrial project, pursuing a virtuous green path together.

For those production realities that want to reduce the environmental impact of their waste and be more responsible in some phases of the supply chain or intend to keep up with the demands of the European Community on sustainable development, New D.W. Srl immediately offers its technology.

We believe it is essential to continue the commitment to research in the construction and furnishing sector, and in this context, collaboration with interested companies in the sector becomes essential to conduct tests that promote the industrialization of production processes.

What they say about us

In this photo, Roberto Marcato, Veneto Regional Councillor for Economic Development, and Roberta Vianello, Veneto Regional Councillor, visiting the Re-pel.le headquarte.

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Re-pel.le takes care of salvaging of leather waste produced by companies but not their collection and disposal.